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Real name: Shekhar Bhalla
Screen name: CB Singh
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Website: http://www.vinex.com
CB Singh

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Bhalla International Vinex is recognized as one of the most leading manufacturer and supplier of best quality sporting goods and fitness accessories under the brand name "Vinex" Since 1957. Its equipment has been used in various International and National Championships and become as one of the reputed sports brand around the globe. The company manufactures more than 2000+ sports and fitness equipment products.
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27 May 16 (+91) 8191079998 bravuraresort@gmail.com
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27 May 16 (+91)1212441111 vinexindia@gmail.com
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27 May 16 +91-121-2441111 vinexindia@gmail.com
review Vinexshop.com
27 May 16 (+91)1212441111 vinexindia@gmail.com
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27 May 16 (+91) 1212441111 vinexindia@gmail.com
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