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Real name: Tamansari Rawang
Screen name: tamansari
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Website: https://tamansarirawang.com

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Rawang is a fundamental part of BRDB's future development strategies, guided by the encouraging acknowledgment the firm accepted for the Tamansari growth. They think that Rawang is the next up and coming area because of its connection as well as existing bordering advancements. The first stage of the development-- the Amaryllis, was completely sold, while the 2nd stage-- Camelia was introduced in mid-2017. The staying stages of the Tamansari advancement will be developed in accordance to the property industry's movement, of where BRDB will certainly make the needed news as soon as details are more prepared.
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01 May 20 0108938558 contact@tamansarirawang.com
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Tamansari Rawang
0108938558 contact@tamansarirawang.com