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Toss away the idea of a do-it-yourself document and receive the professional guidance you deserve. Our knowledgeable counsel will provide thorough instructions to ensure your investments are in the hands of the right person(s) or organizations. Helping individuals and their families protect and provide for their loved ones is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Once you've written a will, never altar the document after it's been signed. If your family situation changes it is best to write a new will or a codicil to the original. concerns a wide variety of issues and problems arising from trying to provide for a sick or elderly loved one and manage the maze of medical assistance, Medicaid, Medicare, nursing home regulations, hospitalization and trying to preserve the family assets at the same time. At the point in time where you find yourself discussing "Assisted Living, Nursing home, and long term hospitalization. Involves the transfer of ownership interests which may involve a deed, timeshare, property, lot etc. Real Estate agents can be very helpful without necessary involving a "Lawyer". However, there are certain circumstances when a real estate transaction requires supplemental legal assistance. I would recommend the use of a Real Estate Lawyer especially when it comes to relatives, parents and loved ones getting older or a desired wish to leave something to their children that they can benefit from now, perhaps as part of an estate plan. A home owners attempt to solve a mortgage foreclosure problem in such a way that the lender agrees to lower the mortgage payment to some extent so as to make the new mortgage payment plan affordable to the homeowner in the long term. Attorney "Pat" Morrissey is a born and breed Pocono's man who has practiced law for over 35 years.

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