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Technivise helps individuals and businesses navigate the jungle of technical decisions with objective advice and support.

Quite often individuals and small business owners are faced with decisions about technology, security, Internet and computer networks, software, and other matters that affect their lives or the prosperity of their business. Individual providers of various services are usually focused on making money for themselves, so the advice they give is biased for them, not the individual or business.

Technivise acts as an unbiased advisor that will provide you with options and solutions that are focused upon your objectives and needs, not those of the providers. These are often more comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that work for you. Technivise can also provide low-cost support for these solutions when independent providers are not the best choice.

Because Technivise is well versed in engineering, science, communication systems, the Internet, electronics, and other technologies, we can provide a comprehensive view to lay out options right for you. Some areas of our work include Technical Advice, Technical Support, Technical Consulting, Cyber Security, Systems Engineering, Internet Branding, Internet Presence, Web Presence, Security Assessments, Electronic Systems, and Proposal Reviews.