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8 Varsity Estates Circle NW, Suite 300


Calgary, AB


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KM Counselling is a NW Calgary-based psychology practice specialized in helping adults and teens experience meaningful, lasting change. We know that many people seek out support for reasons that are not always easy to talk about, which is why finding the right therapy fit is critical. You may have tried counselling in the past and felt that the process was too rigid or fixated on the therapist’s agenda, leaving you feeling frustrated and stuck. At KM Counselling, we believe that meaningful change is best fostered when the therapy process is uniquely tailored to your needs and dedicated to building a genuine and safe therapy relationship. Whether you are looking to feel happier, improve your relationships, or have more control of your life, KM Counselling will custom build a therapy approach that is authentic, collaborative, and evidence-based. KM Counselling clients are unique just like you. They are busy Calgarians, parents, students, partners, and loved ones who are trying to juggle life’s pressures. KM Counselling clients set high standards for themselves, and they are ready to experience meaningful, lasting change. They often come to counselling because they are looking to feel happier, improve their relationships, gain more control of life, understand the past, and improve their self-esteem and confidence.