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Operating since 2019, the Winyle Online store sells new and used vinyl records, cassette tapes and compact discs. The system is based on a proprietary solution, which is an extensive music catalog whose database consists of various record releases, artist and record label profiles. The store itself, on the other hand, is an overlay for this catalog and has its basic functionalities, such as searching for available copies for sale, filtering them with several options (record type, format, decade and year of release, country, condition of the medium and cover) and sorting by several criteria.

One of the most important features of the store is the quick filtering of the catalog. Several sections are available to limit the returned results to only those of interest to the user. This is primarily the type of album, through which you can browse only albums, singles, compilations or videos. An additional advantage is certainly also the ability to choose whether an album should be a concert or a soundtrack. The filtering can be combined with each other by going through the links deeper and deeper into the catalog. Thus, there is nothing to prevent you from specifying by format that you are only interested in vinyl records, after selecting the album as the type of record. Once the format has been selected, further refinement is possible in this section. Thus, options such as the speed of the record, whether it should be a reissue, remastering, and even whether the record should be a misprint release. All of this filtering depends on whether there is currently at least one copy with such parameters in the store. Another interesting feature, which certainly makes it easier to search for items, is the ability to display albums by a selected artist only. And here, too, additional filtering can be done to return the most accurate results. It is worth mentioning that the system is not limited to presenting only the albums that a given artist recorded, but can also display those on which this artist appeared as a co-writer (e.g., sang or played by another artist) or his song appeared, especially on compilations with different artists. Browsing albums released by a specific label also works on a similar basis. If someone is only interested in items that were released through, for example, Polskie Nagrania, he can easily browse the available copies by selecting such a label. And here, too, one can further specify what interests someone by selecting additional filtering. Three payment options are available in the store: online transfer through the Przelewy24 service, traditional transfer to a bank account and payment upon personal collection. It is also possible to order discs with a cash on delivery payment option, but it is attached to the user's account only by prior arrangement and is not active by default. Orders are delivered by DHL courier, Polish Post and InPost parcel machines.

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